Employee Assistance Essentials

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Employee Assistance Essentials

During critical times in the life of your organization we can help by providing solid, uncomplicated HR support. After all, human Resources are the front line of your organization’s success. Small and medium size companies may not be able to spend large amounts on comprehensive Employee Assistance Programs, but perhaps you could provide your employees with support at critical times when things are difficult and stressful. Our supportive counselling services will assist your people through any extraordinary challenge or adjustment. Why pay for EAP counselling services until you really need it - when your employees are faced with unusual stress such as the following examples:


- Major technological shifts - which impact employee sense of stability.
- Organizational restructuring (or decline) – which may impact employee stability or security.
- Critical situations – which may unsettle even the emotionally strongest of your crew.
- Rapid growth – which can be a welcome strain, but a strain none the less.
• Go to this page to read more details of these and other work-related stress that might be a factor in your business. ...http://riverbendcounselling-eae.ca/eae-packages.html
We aren’t a program. We are an EA Essential. By registering with us, you will provide your employees or members the help they need at the most important times and reap the benefits of less down-time and greater operational satisfaction. Importantly, you can provide this for your people in a cost-effective way. Here are our service packages to choose from:


  1. Envisage: When you anticipate a time of stress, plan in advance by communicating to your staff/members that they will have access to personal counselling services for a period of time to help them through the adjustments. You can determine the length of time to provide this service that will best serve your purpose, for example we have 4, 6 or 8 week packages, or we modify one of them to suit your needs.
  2. Necessitous: No one can anticipate when a crisis may come, but we know they will. You can have the security of knowing that we will serve you and your staff within a predetermined “critical response time” and will follow through until the crisis is abated.

*See more details and pricing: http://riverbendcounselling-eae.ca/eae-packages.html

We don’t have hidden costs so you won’t ever receive an unexpected bill. All our therapists have Master’s degree in psychology and are notably experienced in clinical counselling. Our services are pre-arranged with clearly designed and written contracts that can be tailor made to your organizations need. See our general packages on the following page.

I’d love to hear from you so that we can explore further details.


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Phone: 204-334-4801 Fax: 204-338-9180 Email: contact@riverbendcounselling.ca
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